The NBA’s Biggest Gamblers

NBA Superstars Troop to Casinos for Fun; There’s Also a Downside


Covering the fast-paced lifestyle of NBA players does not begin and end on the court; it also involves following the glitzy life of a baller outside his so-called sanctuary. Many players from the NBA are known to electrify casino halls with their polarizing presence, as well as bringing volts of energy during live table action. This isn’t surprising since basketball and casino table games are both strategy-driven, hence the inclination of many NBA players to make poker, blackjack, and baccarat their favorite pastimes.

The following are some of the NBA’s biggest names who are also making significant waves in casinos:

1. LeBron James

The reigning NBA MVP from the defending champions, the Miami Heat, might just become the “King James” of casino halls someday. LeBron James is a known blackjack aficionado; widely recognized for organizing celebrity blackjack tournaments for a cause. It’s also speculated that he wages $500 per hand in casinos along The Strip.

2. Tony Parker

Tony Parker

The San Antonio Spurs point-guard is increasingly becoming a fixture in casinos across the world. His international celebrity status has helped him host and join tournaments such as the NBA All-Star Charity Celebrity Poker Tournament, and his very own Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Celebrity Poker Tournament (back when the two had not parted ways yet).

3. Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce

The former Boston Celtics small-forward juggles his draining big shots and raking in the chips as a professional poker player. Paul Pierce regularly participates in the World Series of Poker, the most recent being the WSOP’s $10k Pot-Limit Omaha event last July. Now in the twilight years of his illustrious NBA career with the Brooklyn Nets, Pierce told his fans in an interview to expect to see him play more in poker and casino competitions.

The Other Side of the Coin

Iverson casino

Not all NBA players, however, are successful in their transition from the court to the felt-layered tables. Allen Iverson is perhaps the most prominent NBA retiree who, after a storied $200 million career, is now widely rumored to be financially broke. Iverson was even banned in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos because of his boorish behavior. To prevent having the same fate as Iverson, online gaming site, Castle Jackpot, offers tons of helpful advice on responsible gaming, if that’s what you’re into; educating its players about one of the most important lessons of gaming: control.

Whether it is online or live, casinos have become a haven for many NBA superstars who are looking to sit back and enjoy their brief time away from the court. The thrill and suspense of playing poker, blackjack, or baccarat can be incredibly satisfying as well as financially rewarding. The best way, perhaps, of averting a casino horror story is to simply have fun in the company of friends and fans. This way, players don’t stand to lose much in an exciting casino game.

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