Full 2013 All-Star Game Roster

Eastern Conference


PG-Rajon Rondo (torn ACL)

PG-Dwyane Wade

SG-LeBron James

SF-Carmelo Anthony

PF-Chris Bosh (replacing Rajon Rondo)

C-Kevin Garnett


F-Paul George

G-Jrue Holiday

F-Luol Deng

C-Joakim Noah

G-Kyrie Irving

C-Tyson Chandler

C-Brook Lopez (replacing Rajon Rondo)

Western Conference


PG-Chris Paul

SG-Kobe Bryant

SF-Kevin Durant

PF-Blake Griffin

C-Dwight Howard


G-Tony Parker

F-LaMarcus Aldridge

G-James Harden

F-Zach Randolph

F-David Lee

F-Tim Duncan

G-Russell Westbrook

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