EZ’s family has asked that we keep information about him private.


Late last night, we lost a great friend to Leukemia, “Coach EZ.” Ezekiel M. was an outstanding young man. He was an amazing coach and mentor to his fellow minors, but most importantly, an amazing friend. EZ was also an amazingly talented basketball player, but his basketball career never took off because of his Leukemia. A common symptom of Leukemia is fatigue; fatigue played a major setback in EZ’s development as a player. Ezekiel, born in Brooklyn, New York, was well-known among many New York playgrounds. Ezekiel played a huge role in the success of the Street Team; he was even in the middle of developing a Tips section dedicated to helping other basketball players on our site. According to Fausto Rodriguez, our new Editor-in-Chief, the Tips section will be finished within the weeks to follow, and will be named in his honor.

Ezekiel was, and always will be, a great friend of the Street Team. He would always say, “Life ain’t easy, but you have to keep working. The harder you make it, the easier it gets,” referencing his everyday fight with Leukemia. Ironically, Ezekiel was one of the strongest and happiest guys you could ever be blessed to meet. Ezekiel passed away in the comfort of his new home in Seattle, late Tuesday night. Ezekiel had just gotten married and had a baby daughter on the way. EZ was just 27 years old. Our prayers and condolences go out to Ezekiel and his family.

We please ask that you keep Coach EZ in your prayers throughout the day, thank you!

Comments from the Street Team

LP3: He was a childhood friend, a brother, a mentor. He was, and still is, the biggest inspiration in my life. May he rest in peace. I can’t find the words to honestly explain our relationship, I knew him since we were 5 years old.

Fausto Rodriguez: The man taught me everything I know about the game. But off the court, he was also a great role model and mentor. I truly can’t explain how much he will be missed. I was blessed to have known EZ. Rest in peace, Coach.

Vanessa Luciano: He coached me for 3 years. He is my hero, simply put. I’ve never met someone who cared so much about others. It’s a very sad day; especially knowing the fact that he was a soon-to-be father. Rest in peace, Coach EZ.

Derrick Quinn: Honor and pleasure to have known him. He was probably the smartest man I knew, both basketball-related and non-basketball-related. He’s an inspiration.

Cindy Jones: [Coach] had coached me for 6 years, before I moved out of New York. I still spoke to him every single day. He was always there when you needed him, and he was always an immense help. He is the sole reason behind why I work so hard, I can’t even put into words how much he will be missed. To make things worse, his daughter is due in just a few weeks, which is really saddening. Rest in peace, Coach EZ.

The Street Team will be taking an indefinite leave of absence, as of January 9th, 2013. We’ll be back by Monday, the latest.

You guys are the best! Thank you!

God Bless!
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