CW’s Top NBA Players Rank

Rajon Rondo

My Rank: 10
ESPN Rank: 12

Rajon Rondo is not only on an underrated team, but he is helping Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics squeeze out everything they can from Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce. He is a triple-double machine, and one of the best playoff performers at the PG position. His coach and veteran teammates have helped his development; he may be one of the only “true PGs” in the league. Pass first, defend second, score third.

Carmelo Anthony

My Rank: 9
ESPN Rank: 17

I have no idea how ESPN has Carmelo Anthony at 17th, but I have him 9th. The best overall offensive player in the NBA deserves a spot in the Top 10. Say what you want about Carmelo, but he puts the ball in the basket more effectively than anyone in the NBA. The only reason I have him at nine is because of his defense, and his horrific playoff record. With a new coach, deep roster, and a full off-season with Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler, expect Melo’s ranking to rise throughout the season.

Dwyane Wade

My Rank: 8
ESPN Rank: 8

This is where Dwyane Wade belongs at this point in his career. Playing along side *spoiler alert* the best player in the world, LeBron James, hurts his ranking, but helps his chance of winning multiple rings. The recent knee problems have taken some quickness away from Wade, but he still makes shots only Dwayne Wade could make. That, as well as his ability to still defend, rebound, and pass has him remaining as a Top 10 player in the league.

Deron Williams

My Rank: 7
ESPN Rank: 10

The second best PG in the league, Deron Williams showed just that during these past Summer Olympics. He just does everything well: defends, scores from anywhere on the floor, and plays the floor general role. Now with Joe Johnson playing alongside of him, Williams’ numbers will continue to please Nets’ fans. Even though Deron Williams has went a little under the radar with back-to-back sub -.500 seasons, Deron will shine this year in a new Brooklyn uniform.

Kevin Love

My Rank: 6
ESPN Rank: 7

Finally, Kevin Love gets the recognition he deserves as the best PF in the NBA. This guy is a double-double machine, has a post-game, and is the reigning 3-point shoot out champion. Although he lacks athleticism, he uses his fundamentals to get the job done. He deserves this rank.

Derrick Rose

My Rank: 6
ESPN Rank: 5

This postseason, we saw exactly how valuable Derrick Rose is to the Chicago Bulls. He is the most explosive player off the dribble in the NBA, and is a very solid defender, especially since he plays for a “defense first, offense second” scheme under coach Tom Thibodeau. Forget all the injuries he had, he is still a Top 10 player, and will show that this upcoming season when he returns.

Dwight Howard

My Rank: 5
ESPN Rank: 3

I’m not a fan of Dwight Howard. He lacks a post-game against the weak center position, and he lacks toughness. With that being said, he can still use his strength and athleticism to get the rim and finish. Plus he’s a three-timeĀ Defensive Player of the Year. You can’t look past that. Overall, we’ll see how good Dwight Howard is this upcoming season when the Lakers’ lights are shining on him to get it done.

Kobe Bryant

My Rank: 4
ESPN Rank: 6

The Black Mamba looked ageless during the Olympics, and that’s a good sign for Laker fans. Since he’s such a dominant scorer, his defense sometimes goes unnoticed. With this new Laker team and the sky being the limit, if Kobe stays healthy, he will be back here next year. He has a dominant post-game as a two-guard, he’s a great defender, and a killer in the clutch. We all know Kobe Bryant.

Chris Paul

My Rank: 3
ESPN Rank: 4

As a die-hard NBA fan, I love PG’s who take the role of the “floor general” (notice Russell Westbrook isn’t on my list). No one fits the floor general role better than CP3, whose unique floor vision & ability to score the ball at will, has him ranked third. He reminds me of Rajon Rondo with a jump-shot, which is Rondo’s only flaw.

Kevin Durant

My Rank: 2
ESPN Rank: 2

Where do I begin with Kevin Durant? The guy is a pure-scorer. He can shoot from anywhere on the floor, has improved his court-vision, which was on display in the Finals, and unlike Carmelo Anthony, can lead his team deep into the playoffs. It doesn’t really matter who you put on him, and what type of defensive scheme you come up with; he will find a way to score. Let’s also not forget that he is MONEY in the clutch.

LeBron James

My Rank: 1
ESPN Rank: 1

He is the reigning MVP, Finals MVP, and an NBA Champion. What a year for the King, LeBron James! He got the one thing he has worked for his whole life, an NBA Championship. I feel like I don’t even really have to explain LeBron James’ arsenal, because he’s so dominant at everything. The improved post-game coming into last season was LeBron’s biggest improvement, and made it virtually impossible to defend him. The King of the NBA is once again, LeBron James. Well deserved.

Written by Cody Wipprecht (@CodyWipprecht)

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