The Dwight Howard Saga: What Is Rob Hennigan Thinking?

The biggest talked about move this off-season, was the potential trade of the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard. This is very warranted, especially because we’re talking about a Top 5 NBA player, one of the best centers to ever play the game, demanding a trade. After talks with the Brooklyn Nets broke down at the deadline and during the off-season, the Lakers and Rockets emerged as potential suitors for Howard.

With every day passing by, more rumors that the Lakers or the Rockets are going to complete a trade with the Magic emerge. But the longer it takes, obviously, the more I begin to think that nothing will get done. I understand that it is a very complicated process, with 3 or 4 teams needing to be involved, but as I see every moment pass, I don’t see anything happening. At the end of the day, it’s not up to the Cavaliers, Rockets, or the Lakers to get this deal done, it’s up to the Orlando Magic and GM Rob Hennigan.

Hennigan needs to make a decision soon enough, because I don’t see the Magic benefiting from taking Howard into the season with them. Last year was a complete mess for the Magic, players didn’t know if they would be on the Magic the next time they came to the facility or even who their coach would be. This was horrible for the Magic, there was no apparent chemistry, and they still qualified for the playoffs after Howard’s back injury, showing the potential of the core already there. Even though, most of this was a product of Howard’s amazing play and the coaching of Stan Van Gundy, until he was fired. But, as the Magic organization stated, they will not go through what they went through last year once again. Dwight Howard is a complete cancer to this organization, even though he’s the one who sells out the arena, at this point, he is hurting the team more than benefiting them. Its time for Rob Hennigan to make the right move, the one that he has waited too long to pull the trigger on.

These are the speculated packages that interest the Magic, reported by many outlets and identified by Andrew Ungvari of

Look at what all of these 3 teams can offer, compare them to each other, and decide if you were a GM, what you would take. Then ask yourself, would I not accept this? (Of course, not all players and picks listed below will be in the package that could potentially be formed if a trade is done, but this is what the Magic and Hennigan are looking at.)

Cleveland Cavaliers:

First Round Picks:
• First round picks in two non-consecutive drafts (picks get worse if Cleveland adds Bynum)
• Better 2013 first round pick, between the Lakers and Heat (pick gets worse if the Lakers add Howard)
• A conditional Kings’ pick (Top-13 protected in 2013, Top-12 protected in 2014, Top-10 protected from 2015-17)

Second Round Picks:
• Their own second round picks in any future draft (picks get worse with the addition of Bynum)
• The Magic’s second round pick in 2013 (pick gets much better with the loss of Howard)
• The Magic’s second round pick in 2014 (pick gets much better with the loss of Howard)

• Tristan Thompson
• Tyler Zeller
• Omri Casspi
• Anderson Varejao
• Luke Walton
• Daniel Gibson

Houston Rockets:

First Round Picks:
• Their own pick in next year’s draft (Top-14 protected, until 2016, otherwise it belongs to Atlanta)
• Their own ‘First Allowable Draft Pick’ that occurs after satisfying their obligation to Atlanta
• A conditional Raptors’ pick (Top-3 and 15-30 protected in 2013, Top-2 and 15-30 protected in 2014-15, Top-1 and 15-30 protected in 2016-17, and unprotected in 2018)
• A conditional Mavericks’ pick (Top-20 protected from 2013-17 and unprotected in 2018)

Second Round Picks:
• Their own 2013 second round pick (Top-40 protected from 2013-15 and unprotected in 2016; otherwise it goes to Atlanta)
• The Knicks’ 2014 second round pick
• Their own 2014 second round pick (unless they satisfy their first-round obligation to Atlanta in 2013; then it goes to Milwaukee. Also a Top-40 protected pick from 2013-15, unprotected in 2016)
• Their own second round picks from 2015 and beyond

• Patrick Patterson
• Donatas Motiejunas
• Marcus Morris
• Chandler Parsons
• Jeremy Lamb
• Royce White
• Terrence Jones
• Kevin Martin

Los Angeles Lakers:

All the Lakers really have to offer is Andrew Bynum and a few first and second round picks.

Now that all of you have looked at what teams have to offer, can you please explain to me why Rob Hennigan has not pulled the trigger? We all saw what the Nets offered, and I was beyond shocked that he did not accept that one. But, Hennigan got lucky and more suitors have presented themselves with a lot to offer, even though they will take the risk of Howard not re-signing with them after the season. The Magic are not a bad team without Howard, in my opinion, they could contend for the last playoff spot. Evidence of this was in the making during the playoffs, after Howard’s injury and a long battled series with the Indiana Pacers in the first round. If Hennigan pulled the trigger on the Nets trade, they would be a 7th or 8th seed team, and have multiple first round picks in the future. This team would be built to compete now, and be even better down the road. Now, Hennigan has pretty much the same offer in front of him, why is he not accepting it?

Sure, he could take the approach of waiting for the deadline when he will have more leverage, but that is too much of a risk. Howard is coming off major back surgery and his play until the deadline might not be up to par. What if that happens? Hennigan is stuck with very limited parts in return, which will not be enough for the star power of Howard. Sure, Howard could come back and play the best he has ever played, but that is too much of a gamble for a first year GM in Hennigan.

Hennigan is currently in a spot where he can avoid the disaster that will happen if Howard starts the season on the team. The roller coaster ride will be unbearable for a team that is still broken from last year, a team that is in desperate need of a deep breath and confidence, knowing who they will have the next time they see each other. Hennigan is in a perfect position and he needs to pull the trigger as soon as possible, before everything falls apart right in front of him. In my opinion, it’s a no brainer.

Special thanks to Andrew Ungvari for the possible packages [from the Rockets, Cavaliers, and Lakers]. You can read the article I referenced here and follow him on twitter @DrewUnga!
I would love to hear your comments and thoughts in the comment box below, or tweet me @bigdaddyfblove! Thanks for reading!

Submitted by Jack McGuire (@bigdaddyfblove)

Note: The information, insight, & analysis provided above, does not represent the views or thoughts of the Street Team as a whole. This is an article based on personal opinion & we’re not responsible for the opinions stated. For more information, please contact the author himself.
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